“Deborah Kahn provides a highly personal, almost intimate account of the choices that many mothers make as they balance family and work. She affirms the highly individualized nature of these choices and challenges us to see them through the lens of real equality: valuing a decision to care for others just as much as we value a decision to compete in the marketplace.”
—Anne-Marie Slaughter, Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,The Atlantic

“Deborah Kahn has given us a level-headed, fair-minded, and ultimately reassuring look at the tough choices many mothers face between full-time employment and full-time parenting. A truly impressive book!  The research and analysis add a great deal to our understanding of the difficult tug between work and family that so many American mothers feel.

You will see yourself in this book. Read it, and you will better understand how complex mothers’ lives are, and how deeply personal is each woman’s decision about work and family.  American society still judges mothers for whatever they do, but Kahn’s message is empowering. Stop beating yourself up and stop worrying about what others think–you are the expert on what’s best for you.  A wise book.”
—Ann Crittenden, Award winning journalist and author of The Price of Motherhood, a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

“In converting her research results into book form Deborah A Kahn has spared readers the dry serious tone of most studies leaving us, instead, with the words and thoughts of many young women confronted with their choice of work status: at home mother or employed mom outside the house. She does this with sensitivity, style and characteristic good humor. The texture is more like a counselling session than a how-to for young mothers regarding the complex process of coming to a well-reasoned and emotionally satisfying resolution. The author has allowed the many and diverse voices of her study subjects to emerge in a way that may facilitate and accompany young moms in deliberating on this important choice.”
—Bill, Amazon Review

“This important book comes out of years of academic and at-home research by Deborah Kahn. It is written to be read, with great anecdotes and wise counsel, by anyone considering whether to stay home or go back to work when their children are born. I recommend it without reservation.”
—Robin Gradison, Amazon Review