About the Author

Deborah received her doctorate in Counseling from George Washington University. Her dissertation was the stimulus for her follow-up study which is the basis for The Roads Taken. In addition to being an at-home mother, Deborah served as Deputy Director of a Virginia Probation and Parole Office & Assistant Director of the National Coalition for Jail Reform.

About the Book

Visit Deborah's praise page to read The Roads Taken thoughts from acclaimed authors Anne-Marie Slaughter and Ann Crittenden.


Praise for Deborah's Book

“Deborah Kahn provides a highly personal, almost intimate account of the choices that many mothers make as they balance family and work. She affirms the highly individualized nature of these choices and challenges us to see them through the lens of real equality: valuing a decision to care for others just as much as we value a decision to compete in the marketplace.”

—Anne-Marie Slaughter, Why Women Still Can’t Have it All,The Atlantic


What is 'Having it All?'

The growing roles and acceptance of women in the workplace in all types of jobs in all types of industries is welcome news. We have moved from a time when women were limited to teaching, nursing, secretarial work and staying at home caring for the home and family. Today, they are CEOs, astronauts, firefighters and elected officials, and maybe they’ll even be president someday.